Solid Leadership 

for a Solid Future

The few voted for the majority again in Framingham, so it goes on... there will never be change until those who sit idlily aside get off their ass and vote!

First let me thank those that voted for me.  You can count yourselves as the few that truly have understanding and a real grasp on the election.  Congratulations on your intellect and wisdom to seek change!  There was only one choice to carry Framingham forward with dignity and respect for the people... that was me. 

Sadly, I did not have the corporations’ money nor the old Town Meeting Members behind me, because I was not going to promise anyone anything, except the residents of Framingham.  I was their only hope for real change.   Now you have two candidates who have already selected their appointees, one full of favors and the other by promising to keep those in town politics in place.  Neither bringing progress which will lead to the demise of Framingham.

But, I also have learnt over the many years that there are two kinds of people who will never learn and who will continue to follow blindly; completely absent of thought... they are those who are too stupid to learn and those that think they know everything...

I am sad for Framingham’s future because with the two chosen candidates, there is no future.  We all lost!  Ben