Interview with State Representative Jack Lewis on Framingham NOW.

Live interview with Sílvio Brauná WSRO, Brazilian Radio/HDTV.

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Ben Neves-Grigg for Mayor
New City - New Direction; Choose Solid Leadership to Bring us into the Future with a "Residences First" attitude!  Become United.
For you that wanted Framingham to continue to be a Town; more than ever Framingham needs your vote.
For you that wanted Framingham to become a City, now it’s your time to help the City of Framingham by voting.
Do not be anonymous. The City of Framingham needs your voice and your vote!
Let me be your representative and voice!!! Sincerely

Speech by Admiral William H. McRaven (US Navy)

Margareth Shepard's Kick-Off.

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Ben's Kickoff Speech

1st Debate at Heritage of Framingham

People are like Garbage Trucks.

League of Women Voters,Framingham - Mayoral Showcase

Interview MetroWest Daily News w/Jonathan Dame

Neves-Grigg High Shool Interview